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Clients can take pride in the their investment with process systems provided by ACE. Working with our partner Rhino Valve, ACE can provide a complete, turnkey system from the clients P&ID. Features such as engineered pads and customized mounting plates facilitate the transportation and placement of the system within the clients process. In many cases, systems previously constructed on site can be implemented into a single, portable component that is feld ready. Customized systems incorporate many of the quality components of our market partners, though any customer-specifed component can be implemented into the design of the system.

ACE can provide you with the following services to
help you keep your process following:

Valve Repair • Instrument Repair. Certifed Calibration Services· Valve Hydro Testing· Start up and Commissioning Services·
Field Technician Services· Meter Honing Services· Valve to Actuator Adaptation and Mounting·
Custom Mounting Brackets· Water Jet Machining Services

Modern process enterprises require timely delivery of quality components and systems to meet the stringent demands of today's market. Automated controls and equipment was founded in the effort to meet those requirements.

ACE carries an extensive inventory of quality valves and valve automation components. In addition, we possess the ability to modify any valve for automation in our on-site machine shop. Our customization capabilities, enhanced by two CNC water jets, give us the ability to deliver your product in an unsurpassed time to market.

We offer superior products from qualified manufacturers, provide custom system design capabilities, and support what we sell with an after-sale service staff. We strive to exceed your expectations.


We at ACE strive to provide the very best components and services
to our customers in the oil, gas, water, and process industries.
We look forward to providing you a superior level of customer
service for your flow and automation needs.